Jacquard Solarfast Sun Printmaking Starter Kit

Jacquard Solarfast Sun Printmaking Starter Kit


Create amazing images on paper and natural fabrics (up to 8 T-shirts) with this sun-powered printing kit!

SolarFast dyes are an even-more-awesome version of traditional cyanotypes. Kit includes: three different dye colors to use individually or mix (orange, violet, and blue), special clear film sheeting to print or draw on, a film marker, access to Jacquard’s Negative Generator app to easily transform photos into sun print-friendly negatives, concentrated detergent to wash developed prints, backer board, cotton test fabric, gloves, T-pins, sponges, and instructions!


  • For ages 8 and up

  • Conforms to ATSM D-4236

  • Good for paper or natural fabrics

  • Can create photographs, photograms, or shadow prints using the sun!

  • Includes violet, blue, and orange dyes (not just blue like traditional cyanotypes)

  • Made in USA

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